About us

Africa is rising and growing economy is currently fueled by technological solutions addressing some of the most resilient socio-economic issues. Daily, we witness groundbreaking innovations spring up from every corner of the continent providing solutions in education, healthcare, agriculture, finance, security, transportation, clean energy, construction, social infrastructure, amongst other key sectors of the Africa’s socio-economic landscape. Indeed, Africa is quite at the dawn of a new era.

At the foreground of this technological revolution is where Tech Gist Africa operates – cheering, influencing, and promoting technology entrepreneurship in Africa while reaching a broad and cross-segmented audience globally through this media platform.

Tech Gist Africa is a new media and technology news platform that focuses on the untold stories of innovative ideas, solutions, products, personalities and up to date, closely connected technology news from Africa and around the world. Our driving force is the need to utilize media resources to take African stories to the world and this is what inspires us to promote true African ideas and showcase Africa’s beauty to the world.

We focus on providing first hand news, reviews and analysis on evolving and new technologies, personalities, promoting technological advancements and African Innovation with deep and compelling stories. We aim to leverage on the power of the media to create the most enabling environment for businesses, start-ups & entrepreneurs thus driving emergence of a tech ecosystem while exposing African stories to the world and promoting ideas made in Africa, one at a time.